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A built asset is for life

User Case within the Plan-Build-Operate lifecycle

The lifecycle phases of real estate and infrastructure assets are becoming shorter. Bricks, mortar, metalwork or other long-lasting materials traditionally accounted for the bulk of the costs of an asset. Today, it's short-lived technical and usage-specific equipment that dominate the costs. In a building for example traditionally, the main costs beyond construction were heating and maintenance. Today, the ongoing costs of maintenance make up the majority of the lifetime costs of the building. Similar scenarios apply to infrastructure assets, where cost models have shifted. Traditionally, in a building for example, buildings and infrastructure assets were built for very long periods, with little vision to future modification / expansion. Today, the owner has to consider potential changes and upgrades even during the initial engineering & construction phase.

Effective built assets require more than just an ideal location, dynamic architecture, engineered efficiency, and effective cost control. Most importantly, the best built assets demand that these and other factors harmonise well together. It is the combination of multiple well-managed elements that creates long-term success.

A real estate or asset manager requires high transparency of all processes relating to built assets at all times, with the potential to react quickly to changes in the market and the community. Such transparency can be provided by optimised business processes and supporting domain specific application software platforms that cover all aspects of an assets life - from the initial planning to its eventual decommissioning. This whole process also enables rapid decision making.

Plan-Build-Operate lifecycle software from a single source: CONJECT provides applications to support and manage key processes throughout the entire plan-build-operate lifecycle. CONJECT's clients are public and private owners and service providers from industries such as real estate, construction, infrastructure and utilities.

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Plan-Build-Operate lifecycle software from a single source - CONJECT!

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