conjectPM − Collaboration Platform

conjectPM – Collaboration Platform for the Real Estate and Construction Industry

conjectPM – Collaboration Platform for the Real Estate and Construction Industry

The conjectPM collaboration platform provides a secure environment for the share of project information and the management of typical processes.

  • Document management – fast, cross-company access to documents
  • Drawing management – up-to-date drawings at all times
  • Project communication – compliance with scheduled review and decision deadlines
  • Bids – lean & clearly structured
  • BIM – Building Information Modelling
  • Mobile – out-of-office access

conjectPM collaboration platform is delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), thus enabling fast and simple access via a web browser or mobile device.




conjectPM BIM

conjectPM BIM – Supporting the delivery of your BIM project

conjectPM BIM provides one platform linking up project teams and building models, as well as the associated data and processes for the entire supply chain.

  • Coordination of model-based collaboration
  • Edit and view building models, integrate them in the process and take them to the next step in processing
  • Quality assurance of the models and workflows
  • Conduct model-based work on site
  • Comprehensive project planning and monitoring via the Collaboration Platform
  • Individual reporting
  • Structured transfer of model data to a property database or FM system

Revit Plug-in

conjectPM Revit Plug-in

Load models effortlessly onto the collaboration platform and continue to edit them on conjectPM

The Revit Plug-in automates the process for creating, naming and uploading models with their associated drawings onto the conjectPM collaboration platform.

  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving when uploading in various file formats
  • Compliance with agreed naming conventions
  • Integration of Revit users into conjectPM

Document Management

conjectPM Document Management

conjectPM Document Management – central repository of project documents

conjectPM document management is an integral part of the collaboration platform storing and providing access to all relevant project information.

Alongside the other modules of the conjectPM basic configuration document management allows you to share documents within the collaboration platform:

  • Easy to use
  • Current planning status is immediately recognisable
  • Access to older versions possible at all times
  • Traceability of access and changes
  • Restricted access by means of rights concept
  • Over 200 file formats in the viewer

Project Communication

conjectPM Project Communication

Simple, cross-company project communication

With just a few clicks of the mouse, conjectPM enables all project participants to send, receive and forward messages with attached documents as well as to modify and save drafts:

  • Secure exchange of drawings and documents
  • Complete project communication in the project space
  • Fast localisation of information
  • Audit-proof traceability
  • Simple integration of external e-mail systems
  • Typical formatting options
  • Optimal search and filter criteria

Drawing Management

conjectPM Drawing Management

Coordinate and share drawings in construction projects

The conjectPM collaboration platform supports the administration of planning documents enabling completely digital drawing revision and approval.

With full version control, audit trail and change history this ensures you are always working on the latest version of the document creating a single source of truth for project information.

  • Central drawing pool
  • Current planning status is immediately recognisable
  • Secure exchange of drawings
  • Traceability of all activities
  • Easy to use
  • Clear index administration
  • Comprehensive reporting and export of files to Excel

Construction Processes

conjectPM Construction Processes

Structured project communication in the collaboration platform

On the one hand, standard processes are mapped by means of SmartFlows® in a structured manner in the conjectPM collaboration platform along with the associated communication. On the other hand, simple, customised mapping of workflows is also possible. Comprehensive reports give an immediate insight into potential bottlenecks in construction projects.

  • Effective process management thanks to centralised control
  • Up-to-date overview of deadlines and the status of processes
  • No need to update input and output lists
  • Traceability of approvals and decisions
  • Separate reports per process
  • Dashboards for an ideal overview

3D Viewer

conjectPM BIM Viewer

View and mark up your BIM models

You can use the 3D viewer in the conjectPM collaboration platform to display, edit and forward files and models of any size:

  • Cross-company access – increased productivity
  • Optimisation of drawing/model reviews – errors are avoided
  • Subcontractors, for example, can be integrated – enhanced collaboration on a single platform
  • Integration of model data in processes – time saving
  • No installation of additional software – immediately ready for use

An integrated 3D viewer is used in the conjectPM collaboration platform. Well over 200 formats are supported. Markups can be added by those involved in the process, thereby shortening processing cycles and times.

Contact us for more information or to book an online demonstration!



conjectPM Dashboard

conjectPM dashboard – your project's nerve centre

The conjectPM dashboard gives you a clear overview of the status of your project allowing you to identify change, bottlenecks or other issues that amy require action.

The dashboard is highly configurable meaning users can filter for the information that is important to them and their role.

  • Overview of recent activities and deadlines in real-time
  • Display of project progress and trend analyses
  • Simple copying and fast export of displayed data
  • No installation of additional software necessary


Tailored reports for all issues

All types of client-specific reports can be created with the conjectPM Reports module. In contrast to the conjectPM Dashboard overview module, Reports gives you deadline-related information on your project.

  • Clearly structured reports in line with client requirements in terms of content, standard, format and layout
  • Definition of access privileges for each individual report
  • Save reports and share them with selected partners in the project
  • Regular reporting as a basis for comparison


conjectPM Tendering

Simplify tendering and awarding of contracts

The conjectPM tender management function provides a fast, easy-to-handle and lean process for cost estimators to obtain prices and quotes within the collaboration platform.

At a glance the benefits of tender management are:

  • Noticeable cost reduction in the awarding of contracts
  • Higher number of bids
  • Faster distribution of documents and shorter response times
  • Easy to use
  • Overview of the current status of tendering
  • Access security and traceability

Digital Archive

conjectPM Digital Archive

Archiving of information, documents and messages in a project

The conjectPM digital archive is a copy of the project data held in the collaboration. This can either be made at the end of a project as a record or for handover to asset owners or as an interim data drop during the project.

  • Audit-proof
  • Traceability of decisions even when a project has been concluded
  • Time-saving thanks to the outsourcing of project archiving

The conjectPM digital archive covers the basic functions is created for you by CONJECT. It will be sent on a secure DVD or hard disc depending on the size of the archive.


Document Qualification

conjectPM Document Qualification

"Distiller" takes data from the collaboration platform and uses it to generate a user-defined set of documents and drawings and files the results into the Data Room (conjectDR).

  • Fast and easy creation of the target documentation for due diligence, certifications (DGNB/LEED/BREEAM), valuations or as-built documentation
  • Defined approval and provision processes are ensured
  • Overview of outstanding tasks, approvals and missing documents
  • Process-controlled updating of target documentation

Thanks to its document qualification option, the conjectPM collaboration platform meets the specifications from phases 8 and 9 of the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers (HOAI), in which project supervision and control are listed.

You will find more information on document qualification in the conjectPM collaboraton platform in the "Distiller" product sheet and "conjectDR" product sheet.


Interfaces (API)

conjectPM Interfaces (API)

conjectPM API – Cross application integration

The conjectPM API (Application Program Interface) enables fast and secure integration of the collaboration platform with other applications.

The API enables the exchange of project information between the collaboration platform and other software applications. Moreover, data no longer needs to be manually entered into various different systems.

This allows you to create a shared data environment on your project, even if you are using other systems to carry out some project tasks.

Familiar but aging systems can also be integrated with in the collaboration platform via the programming interface.

  • Automatic data exchange between conjectPM and other (internal) software applications such as document management systems, SAP or Oracle
  • Creation of your own mobile applications with the aid of the APIs
  • Integration of conjectPM into your familiar working environment
  • Enhanced data quality and increased efficiency
  • Reduction in the number of manual errors
  • Heightened user acceptance

conjectPM Security

conjectPM Security

Protecting your project data

Security and availability of project data is a key concern for any project team, from user access controls to a continually evolving infrastructure security process conjectPM works to ensure you data is safe:

  • The operational reliability of the conjectPM project space guarantees 99.5 percent availability of your data thanks to the multiple redundancy of servers, emergency power units and fire-protected server cabinets.
  • The user security function protects data against unauthorised access by means of a firewall. conjectPM only accepts connections with 1024-bit encryption (SSL).
  • Infrastructure security is ensured by a professionally managed computer centre with multi-level access control.

For more information on how we secure your data please read the "conjectPM Security" white paper.

Mobile App

conjectPM Mobile App

conjectPM Mobile App

conjectPM Mobile App – manage your projects from any location

Respond to incoming messages immediately, manage processes on the move, view drawings and documents and scan the QR code to check whether they are up to date, all from your mobile device!

With the conjectPM app you are always up to date, you save valuable time and can keep a check on things at any time – even if you are on a business trip or out on site. The app is simple to use thanks to the familiar navigation from conjectPM and the intuitive user interface.

The conjectPM app supports the widely used iOS and Android operating systems. conjectPM Mobile is available in several languages: German, English, French and Russian.





Project Structuring & Set-up

conjectPM Services – Project Structuring and Set-up

conjectPM project structuring, configuration and implementation – getting projects up and running efficiently

From small projects to large-scale projects or programmes, from simple document filing through to complex process mapping in conjectPM – our consultants will work out a solution that is perfectly suited to the size and complexity of your project:

  • Individual project structuring
  • Perfect configuration of your project space to fit your needs
  • Fast implementation

Process Consulting

conjectPM Services – Process Consulting

conjectPM process consulting – Streamline your project processes

Efficient processes such as in planning coordination, are vital when it comes to the on-schedule and on-quality completion of construction projects. Our experienced consultants will support you in defining and mapping your processes in the conjectPM collaboration platform.

  • Specialist support in the definition of processes
  • Precise adjustment of processes to the complexity and size of the project
  • Avoidance of unnecessary workload
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Time-savings for the client thanks to an established standard approach

User Trainings

conjectPM Services – User Trainings

Our user training courses are conducted by a CONJECT expert. In small groups, training participants are given exercises designed to familiarise them with the basic functions of conjectPM. You will benefit from

  • structured, interactive and realistic training
  • in the efficient use of the collaboration platform
  • and learn some useful tips and tricks

If you subsequently add further modules to the conjectPM collaboration platform, we will offer you the corresponding separate user training.

Admin Trainings

conjectPM Services – Admin Trainings

We provide comprehensive training for administrators of one or more conjectPM projects. Our administrator training courses

  • are expressly tailored to your project space and
  • put you in a position to independently and effectively create and manage projects.

Our aim is to train selected employees as experts so that they can act as functional experts/disseminators and trainers within the client's company and carry out project administration.

Rollout Support

conjectPM Services – Rollout Support

Depending on their size and complexity, projects and programmes may require a lot of supervision once they have been initiated and adaptations and modifications may be necessary as the project develops.

Our capable consultants will accompany you and help you to handle these challenges in the best possible way and to implement any necessary changes in the organisation, processes or configuration of the collaboration platform.

  • Project-specific consulting
  • Prompt response and adaptation to new circumstances
  • Participation in project meetings as well as moderation and mediation
  • Optimal integration of new participants and parties in line with your contracts and supply obligations
  • Preparation, communication and introduction of process changes
  • Module consulting in line with project progress
  • Support in contract management aimed at integrating further project participants 

Platform Service Control

conjectPM Services – Platform Service Control

With platform service control our capable CONJECT support team takes charge of project administration for your conjectPM projects:

  • Reliable and prompt implementation of changes taking pre agreed user permissions into account
  • Expertise of highly qualified CONJECT staff
  • Heightened user acceptance
  • Reduction of costs and workload
  • No conjectPM administrator required at the client's company
  • High level of availability of project administration within the CONJECT support hours (by telephone or e-mail)
  • Client is regularly informed concerning thir use of the platform and possible potential for optimisation

You will find further information on our "conjectPM Platform Service Control" product sheet.