conjectAF – As-Built Documentation

conjectAF – As-Built Documentation for real estate owners and administrators

conjectAF – As-Built Documentation

conjectAF is a digital property file for existing real estate. It enables the centralised storage of all information relevant to a property. With conjectAF you can control the collaboration with external and external participants as well as the provision of data.

  • Establishment of sustainable and transparent property files for your real estate
  • Provision of documents from the property file: for example for due diligence, transactions, valuations, financing rounds
  • Top levels of data security
  • Traceability of document deliveries, dates and decisions
  • Full audit trail of all documentation allowing compliance with statutory regulations

Document Management

conjectAF Document Management

conjectAF document management – structured and centralised organisation of your as-built documentation

In conjectAF, your as-built documentation is available in one central location. It allows access to the same up-to-date data by both internal and external participants.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast location of information
  • Access control by means of precisely definable rights assignment
  • Traceability of access and changes
  • Linking of document and communication
  • Over 200 file formats can be viewed in the integrated viewer (including drawing files)
  • Versioning of documents

Object-related Communication

conjectAF Object-related Communication

Object-related communication in conjectAF – fast and simple exchange of messages and information

Object-related communication in conjectAF  integrates external mail systems and enables you to send, receive and forward messages as well as to save drafts:

  • Complete object-related communication 
  • Full-text search of messages and attachments
  • Linking of document and communication
  • Traceability of access
  • Predefined distribution groups
  • Long-term documentation of messages relating to a property
  • Grouping of messages relating to an activity

Specialist Processes

conjectAF Specialist Processes

Specialist processes in conjectAF – document qualification, delivery and approval processes

Your as-built documentation can serve as the basis for real estate valuations and transactions. Property-related processes can also be easily mapped in conjectAF so that processes and decisions also become an integral part of long-term property documentation. You will benefit from:

  • Fast and secure document qualification and provision for valuations and transactions
  • Simple mapping of typical processes within conjectAF on the basis of SmartFlows® or workflows
  • Traceability of decisions
  • Structured and uniform collaboration with internal and external participants

conjectAF platform security – Protecting your as-built documentationt

conjectAF platform security
  • The operational reliability of conjectAF guarantees 99.5 percent availability of your data thanks to the multiple redundancy of servers, emergency power units and fire-protected server cabinets.
  • The user security function protects data against unauthorised access by means of a firewall and at least 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Infrastructure security is ensured by a professionally managed computer centre with multi-level access control

You will find further details on the security of your as-built documentation in our "conjectAF Security Paper".