Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM)

ILM - Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Managing all lifecycle phases of real estate

The lifecycle phases of real estate are becoming shorter. Bricks and mortar or other long-lasting materials traditionally accounted for the bulk of the costs of a building. Today, it's short-lived technical and usage-specific infrastructure which dominate the costs. Traditionally, the main costs beyond construction were heating and maintenance. Today, the ongoing costs of maintaining a building make up the majority the of the lifetime costs of the building. Traditionally, buildings were built for the eternity. Today, the owner has to consider later conversions even during the initial construction phase.

Due to these shortened lifecycle and usage phases, real estate is no longer the safe long-term financial investment as it once was. In fact, it has become a significantly more risky investment. In order to effectively manage these risks, real estate must be actively managed throughout the entire lifecycle.

Successful real estate requires more than just an ideal location, dynamic architecture, and effective cost control. More importantly, successful real estate demands that these and other factors harmonize well together. It is the combination of multiple well-managed elements that creates long-term success.


ILM software from a single source

CONJECT is the only software provider which covers all processes throughout the lifecyle of real state: from the planning and construction through to the management and usage of the real estate, encompassing both the technical as well as the financial aspects. With CONJECT, a real estate manager has a software partner which has a product that covers all processes surrounding real estate.

Many real estate problems occur along the interface between construction and building management, the interface between technical planners and financial controllers, the interface between facility managers and subcontractors. If all of these particpants also use special software for their particular segment, the interface and communication problems are only magnified. Stand-alone solutions increase the problem. CONJECT is the only provider worldwide, which offers all solutions from a single hand.

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