CONJECT − The Company

CONJECT – The Company

CONJECT – Who we are

CONJECT is a leading international provider of software and services for construction project and property management. We offer innovative applications for all phases of Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) of any built asset – from planning and implementation all the way through to operation and marketing. With our products we support the optimisation of processes and work procedures at all stages of Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) in BIM (Building Information Modelling) as well as on conventional projects. Our customers include private and public building owners as well as service providers from the real estate, construction, infrastructure and supply sectors.

CONJECT provides the bulk of its applications as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This means the software and the IT infrastructure is operated by CONJECT, and the customer uses them as a service. As the exclusive software provider, CONJECT covers the entire infrastructure lifecycle, including the BIM environment, with innovative products and services. With a diverse product portfolio, CONJECT is the European market and technology leader in this field. More than 40,000 companies worldwide put their faith in our applications; every month there are more than 3,000 new CONJECT users.

The headquarters of our company is located in Munich, where CONJECT was founded in 2000. During the course of our global growth, new CONJECT offices have been set up nationally and internationally in Atlanta, Auckland, Dresden, Dubai, Duisburg, London, Nottingham, Paris, St. Petersburg, Singapore, Warsaw and Vienna.


CONJECT – What we stand for

THE CONJECT MISSION: With a sense of responsibility, courage and a pioneering spirit, we create a culture of innovation which brings success for new ideas and technologies – like BIM, or support for new mobile devices – sometimes in unconventional ways.

The name CONJECT is synonymous with quality as well as outstanding technical and specialist expertise. We help everyone involved in the project – no matter what company they are working for – to achieve more transparency, organisational excellence and sustainability. The satisfaction of our customers is always our guiding principle.

THE CONJECT VISION: Long-term global growth is only possible if the organisation takes responsibility for sustainable commerce. This also has consequences for companies in the real estate, construction, infrastructure and supply sectors throughout the world. Whoever wants success with sustainable construction and building operation in the future should use the industry-standard today: CONJECT.


CONJECT – What we offer

Holistic approach: Sustainability in the construction and real estate business requires comprehensive consideration of all phases of the infrastructure lifecycle. CONJECT software unites these phases – from the initial project idea, through construction all the way to operation and marketing in a complete solution – ILM. Our BIM-supporting products represent a continuation of this approach.

Organised processes: CONJECT customers save time and money as a result of optimised processes and reduced risks. CONJECT's established process standards and years of industry experience provide an excellent organisational structure for the users. All project and object-relevant data are available at any time without limitations, so that highly-complex processes are transparent for all the companies involved. This means that the processes are more easily controlled and information retains lasting value. Up to now BIM projects have relied on 3D design programs, but the addition of these process and information management standards hugely increases its utility.

Rapid usability: CONJECT customers praise the software's intuitive user interface. CONJECT understands how to present the customer's processes clearly so that the applications can be put to use immediately all along the supply chain, thus setting them apart from the often very complex 3D design programmes used in BIM projects. Additional services are offered in both BIM and conventional project environments by our teams of experienced consultants and expert technical support staff.

A knowledge advantage: CONJECT thinks ahead – about technology and specific industries. We constantly invest in our products and their continued development. For example, for a number of years now, BIM has played a decisive role in the continuing development of our software. We are delighted if our customers participate in product development by providing feedback. In combination with our expertise, this results in unique quality products.


CONJECT – Our commitment

With the development of innovative technology, CONJECT is already promoting economic and ecological sustainability today. Based on our vision that global growth is only possible in the long term if the company takes responsibility for sustainable commerce, at CONJECT we believe economic, ecological and socially responsible corporate management to be very important.

Cesar Flores, co-founder and CFO of CONJECT Group


CONJECT's ecological commitment

As passionately as we work on leading the market for Infrastructure Lifecycle Management software, we also do our best to keep CONJECT's ecological footprint clean. This is why we have worked with the CarbonNeutral Company – a world-leading provider of solutions – to reduce our ecological footprint to zero. By taking responsibility for all emissions from our business, our SaaS applications are also carbon neutral. This means our customers purchase products with an environmentally friendly eco-balance.

As well as efforts to keep the energy consumption in offices as low as possible, CONJECT pursues the goal of the paperless office – with support from our own software. By using modern communication technology between our individual locations, CONJECT reduces the need for climate-damaging air travel.

Particularly with regard to efficient use of resources and the development of renewable energies, environmental consciousness and behaviour needs to change. This does not just refer to electricity, but holistically also heat and traffic. In Germany, anchoring the idea of sustainability in politics and economics is, among other things, the aim of the "Bürgerstiftung Energiewende Oberland" (Uplands Civic Foundation for Energy Revolution). CONJECT has been on board since the end of 2008. As a member of the foundation "Bürgerstiftung Energiewende Oberland" CONJECT contributes to combating climate change by promoting sustainable energy management in Bavaria, Germany.


CONJECT's social commitment

We do not just support the lifecycle of properties. We also get involved in the training of the people behind the projects. With our university involvement, we help people in the industry while they are still studying, and at different phases of their careers. At the University of Wuppertal, the Masters degree in Real Estate Management + Construction Project Management uses our web-based collaboration platform "conjectPM" to be ideally prepared for the demands of everyday work. Furthermore, CONJECT passes on its own practical knowledge in the form of guest lectures and provides support for research interests at any time.

As a sponsoring member of the Chair for Construction Process Management and Real Estate Development at the Technical University of Munich, Gemany, CONJECT CEO Dr. Ralf Händl is committed to supporting upcoming talent and ensures there is direct communication between CONJECT and the scientific community.

CONJECT has been a member of the Foundation for the Chair of Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) at Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany) since 2006. Back then, the University of Applied Sciences was the first German research institute to offer "Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM)" as a subject area. This was made possible by financial support from a consortium of renowned representatives of the real estate sector, including CONJECT.