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pm. Modules

Delivery Schedules

The »Delivery Schedules« puts planning coordinators, project managers or project controllers in a position to carry out an automatic comparison between target deadlines on the one hand and incoming drawing and document deliveries on the other. pm. Delivery Schedules checks whether all drawings and documents relevant to approval receive the required approval status in accordance with the project schedule. Reminders can be sent for overdue drawings. The content of the target list as well as the deadlines for deliveries and approvals can be updated/adjusted whenever necessary.

Process support

pm. supports the implementation of approval and decision making processes within your construction project. Use the CONJECT SmartFlows® to implement standard processes like design reviews as well as approval of drawings and material - a configuration is not necessary. If you plan to implement a particular process adapted to your needs, pm. enables you to do so with our Workflows. Thus, pm. serves the project manager as a central management tool and increases the reliability of processes within the project as well as the project quality.

Drawing Management

The »Drawings« application in pm. (formerly conjectPM) allows you to coordinate drawings in terms of content and deadlines. You can make sure that you adhere to project specifications and achieve efficiency and transparency in your projects. pm. takes on the management of your planning documents while leaving you in complete control. Here you can see the current status of your drawings.


pm. enables all project participants to send out documents and drawings with just a few clicks. Interconnected messages are always summarised as activities. Messages prepared in Outlook or other email applications, or other email client devices can be directed into pm. and automatically assigned to the right activity, whether issued from a PC, iPhone, Blackberry or Android Smart Phone. Messages not sent through pm. can also be captured and subsequently filed with the E-Mail Gateway.

Document Management

The »Documents« application is the filing cabinet for your project. The file structure gives you long-term cross-company access to your documents and data in a complete archive. CONJECT SmartSearch® makes sure that you quickly find received and sent documents. It includes the facility to search across all documents, including scanned documents (e. g. contracts). CONJECT SmartSearch® also prepares abstracts related to search criteria and determines the relevance of the document found according to a smart algorithm (e. g. by title, content, author or description).

Document Qualification

CONJECT Distiller generates any required set of documents from a »pm.« or »PropertyFile« project. Approval rules and processes are automatically taken into account. If the target documentation is defined as a placeholder at the beginning of the process, an overview of outstanding documents and their processing status is available at all times.


You can request clearly structured reports on certain administrative data and on uploaded documents, such as address books, document and history reports, drawing distribution lists (for reproduction orders). They can be downloaded as a data file (csv format) in pm. and edited in standard MS Office applications.

Tendering and awarding

This application maps the handling of the individual tendering processes online, from collation and sending of the tender documents, through to awarding the contract. All calls for tenders are clearly arranged project by project. This allows you to react to bidding activities and, if necessary, to invite additional participants. The entire group of bidders can be conveniently supplied with any necessary additional information or documents.


  • reliable drawing distribution process
  • complete communication
  • process support
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