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NEC3 Contract Management

NEC3 Licensed Content Partner

Across the construction and engineering industry, the NEC suite of contracts is designed to help clients and their delivery partners to deliver capital projects and programmes in a more collaborative and less adversarial fashion. Gaining the maximum benefit from implementing the NEC should therefore be a critical objective for all parties.

CONJECT (formerly BIW Technologies) has already worked hand-in-hand with early adoptors of the NEC suite of contracts to design a software package able to significantly reduce administrative costs and provide real-time financial reporting on key project indicators. Our detailed understanding of the NEC and its variants (ECC,PSC,TSC etc) for example, helped us to create a series of generic "NEC workflows" that, when applied in a logical sequence, can enable you to follow the correct process procedures and make use of the NEC contract easier.

Over the past six years, we have been working with clients to improve the management of the NEC through our Contract Management application. To date, more than 70 projects and programmes have successfully deployed our solution across a range of NEC3 Works and Services contracts. The benefits of using CONJECT's NEC3 Contract Management include:

  • full integration – between contract variations during project lifecycle; i.e. ECC and ECSC
  • reduced paperwork – leading to significant administration savings
  • easier referencing to the contract – a single source of reference for all contract data, with a full audit trail of all contract-related communications
  • better control over information flows – integration of contract processes and project data gives context-specific background to all decisions
  • visibility of the consequences of change – project, contract and commercial managers can rapidly ascertain the latest situation
  • identified, logged and managed risk registers – freeing up costly project management time

Supporting all forms of contract for NEC3, CONJECT has embedded contract clauses, guidance notes and flowcharts into its NEC3 Contract Management application, making it the most comprehensive system available to manage NEC contracts including: ECC, ECSC, PSC and TSC.

The system's ability to integrate all variations of the NEC within a single project, and interlink upstream and downstream communications, means that customers can now achieve greater compliance with the key principles of the specified contract. Customer's implemented processes can now be completely dovetailed with a detailed understanding on how to use specific contract clauses. This integrated approach is optimised, embedded and underpinned by CONJECT's Project Control software platform.

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